Mermaid Show

Ann Liv Young

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23. mars 2012, 19:00
23. mars 2012, 19:00
24. mars 2012, 19:00
24. mars 2012, 19:00


190 - Voksen
120 - Medlem


Teaterhuset Avant Garden

«She is a star, and as with many stars, Young provokes an equal measure of cult worship and fury.»
The New York Times


Ann Liv Young’s style of audience interaction has been compared to torture. Yet she is presented at some of the most central venues and festivals in Europe. Young visited Avant Garden’s Bastard-festival in 2010 with “Cinderella”, a show that created media fuss and intense debate. In “Mermaid Show”, Young is a mermaid retelling her life story. Whereas mermaids are sanitized and Disneyfied in modern culture, in folktales they seduce, capture and kill sailors. They are sexualized but also grotesque fish creatures who are, in fact, sexless. So prepare yourself to be disgusted, intrigued and turned on. And prepare yourself for the fact that when it comes to Ann Liv Young’s stage performance, you can never be prepared enough.


Concept and direction: Ann Liv Young Text: Ann Liv Young, Trinidadian folklore Performers: Ann Liv Young, Michael Guerrero, Florentina Holzinger Dramaturg: Michael Guerrero Set design: Ann Liv Young Costume: Ann Liv Young, Eric Ducharme Video: Michael Guerrero Music by: Sam Cooke, Nikki Minaj, Katy Perry Sound: Michael Guerrero Light: Ann Liv Young Production: Ann Liv Young Co-production: Black Box Teater, Teaterhuset Avant Garden

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