Wishful Beginnings

Verk Produksjoner (NO)

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6. October 2017, 19:00




Avant Garden


90 min



What if society is a ship going too fast in one direction and no one knows how to maneuver it?

Maybe we have a sensation of being on board a sinking ship. Maybe there is a sneaky feeling that we have constructed a society which is based on a set of expectations for the future, that turns out to be wrong and life-threatening.

With Wishful Beginnings, the renowned Norwegian company Verk Produksjoner has embarked on a journey of gathering stories. They have had countless discussions, wandered, told, recorded, collected, retold and let their minds spin on. They have banged their heads against the wall, looked sideways, interpreted shadows and attempted to give voices to the quiet reverberations. Maybe it is all about conjuring a ghost or evoking the unfamiliar?

Wishful Beginnings is co-produced by Teaterhuset Avant Garden. The theatre has also co-produced and/or presented several of Verk Produksjoner’s previous works, such as Stalker (2014), Paradise Now (2015) and Beat the Drum: Walk (2016).




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