Why I Wear This Shirt

Gunilla Heilborn & Kim Hiorthøy (SE/NO)

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16. October 2018, 19:00
17. October 2018, 19:00


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120/140 Seniors/disabled


Avant Garden


45 min



A man who is alone recounts stories and events from his daily life. He takes singing lessons. He goes to the movies. He performs a series of physical exercises in his back yard. Before long, he finds himself lost in an endless, snowy landscape. All the while reminding both us and himself that everything could be different.

Why I Wear This Shirt is a solo performance somewhere between comedy, poetry and contemporary dance. At times desperately sad, at others desperately funny, it stretches from the banal and prosaic (how to walk on a sidewalk, when to worry about how you look), to the metaphysical (what is time, what was music to the Neanderthals), slow-cooking the deeper questions about who we are and how we live through a seemingly simple and engaging stage work. 

Gunilla Heilborn and Kim Hiorthøy have worked together in various ways on numerous projects for more than 10 years. Hiorthøy has previously visited us with You (2013) and Black Warrior (2014), together with Lisa Östberg. 

Film and artist talk at Cinemateket!

Wednesday 17.10, 20.30 Cinemateket Trondheim and Teaterhuset Avant Garden will present The Rules for Everything (2016) directed by Kim Hiorthøy and artist talk. If you have a ticket to Why I Wear This Shirt 16. or 17. October you can buy a member priced ticket to The Rules for Everything + artist talk at Cinemateket. Member ticket at Cinemateket costs 60 kr, and is only valid with ticket for I Wear This Shirt.  Buy film tickets here.


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