No Title (well then there now)

Mette Edvardsen

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3. April 2014, 20:00
4. April 2014, 20:00


160 - Ordinær
90 - Moderasjon


Avant Garden
Teaterhuset Avant Garden


30 min.



This piece is previously advertised with the working title “well then there now”.

Welcome to another charming performance by Mette Edvardsen. Edvardsen has a unique ability to make performing art pieces that approach complicated matters in an amusing, open and accessible manner. In 2013 she visited Trondheim with the piece “Time has fallen asleep in the afternoon sunshine” (at the library) and in 2012 with “Black”.

Norwegian Brussels-based choreographer and performer Mette Edvardsen has developed her own artistic work since 2002 making performances and exploring other media, such as video and books. In the performance “Black” she made invisible objects appear by naming them and placing them in space. Having been obsessed with what is here, she now looks into what is not as a way of activating and producing thoughts and imaginations. In this new piece she addresses existence through negation. Once you leave behind that which is not, the perspective opens to all there is instead. The work continues the play with the possibilities and limits of language, and that of being, in space and in time.

No Title is about how reality exists in language and how this extends into real space. It is about how memory and imagination blur. It is about things and how things can be there and gone at the same time, and that what defines this is various. It is about things that are gone and about things that remain. No Title is about the awareness that all things are impermanent and that nothing lasts forever. It is about things that have gone before their time and things that never quite disappear. It is about what the piece and its making is, what a piece can do, what it is for, what its power and limit could be. It is about the gap between a world and our ideas of it, the invincible gap between thought and experience, between here and there. No Title is a writing in space, a writing that is both additive and subtractive. It is a writing that traces and erases, that moves and halts, that looks at things that are not there and recovers that which is instead.

Created and performed by: Mette Edvardsen Production: duchamps vzw, Mette Edvardsen/Athome Co-produced by: Kaaitheater (Brussels), BUDA/NEXT Festival (Kortrijk), Teaterhuset Avant Garden (Trondheim), BIT Teatergarasjen (Bergen), Black Box Teater (Oslo) Supported by: Vlaamse Gemeenschap, Norsk Kulturråd Special thanks to: Heiko Gölzer, Mari Matre Larsen Photo by: Lilia Mestre Graphic design by: Michaël Bussaer Webpage:


The performance is shown as part of Multiplié Dance Festival 2014

Multiplié Dance Festival is organized by DansiT – Senter for dansekunst i Sør-Trøndelag every second year. Plié is one of the best known terms in the dance vocabulary. Translated into English it means “to bend”. By choosing the name Multiplié, the festival wishes to highlight itself as an arena for bending the art of dance into new and different forms. Multiplié Dance Festival challenges preconceptions of what dance can be and of who can perform and choreograph dance.

LOGO Ssortfestival

multipliebilde_Foto_ Frode Thomassen_Olav Sjelmo


The goal of Multiplié is to create an arena that brings people together, breaks barriers, challenges and surprises. The aim is to build bridges between communities, cultures, bodies and age groups.

Multiplié 2014 will focus on how culture, history and our present time and society are mirrored in body and movement. Through hosting guest performances, dance film, local community projects, seminars, workshops and festival parties, we invite the audience to join in the celebration of dance and to examine what body and movement are or can be. Welcome to a week of exciting dance performances and dance related activities!

Visit for more info and programme.

This year’s festival artists are: Philip Channels (AU), Trond Wiger (NO), Arnfinn Killingtveit (NO), Danselaboratoriet (NO), Danseteatret55+ (NO), Favela Ortiz (FI/AR), Øyvind Jørgensen (NO), Mute Company Physical Theatre (DK), Elle Sofe Henriksen (NO), Mette Edvardsen (NO/BE). In addition: Åpen Scene for Dans, dance movies, seminar, workshops, festival bar m.m.

Festival partners: Teaterhuset Avant Garden, Verkstedhallen, Kulturenheten Trondheim Kommune, Den Kulturelle Skolesekken, Den Kulturelle Spaserstokken, Cinemateket, Lademoen Menighet, Lademoen Bydelshus, Tempe Helse- og Velferdssenter, Babel – visningsrom for kunst, Danseinformasjonen, PRODA, NTNU, Husly Kunstnerresidens, Clarion Collection Hotel Bakeriet, Ramp Pub & Spiseri, Bar Moskus Contributors: Kulturrådet, Sør-Trøndelag Fylkeskommune, Trondheim kommune, Stiftelsen Fritt Ord, Sametinget, FINNO

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