Vive la Phrance

Spreafico Eckly (NO)

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20. September 2017, 20:00


200 - Ordinary
150 - Tobb-members
130 - Students
130 - Scenekort


Avant Garden


Ca. 70 min




Would it be of any help to watch at the world as if it was a performance? Would this bring a certain distance to the way we watch reality? Would this help us to ponder our engagement with it?

Vive la Phrance brings the audience in a voyage into the 8 different configurations of spectatorship. These configurations are the relational core of performing arts. And of citizenships too. We witness situations and sometimes we decide to engage with them, sometimes we plan, sometimes we improvise and so do those who rules.

Spreafico Eckly invite you on stage in the charming setting of a german biergarten, where with the help of a tridimensional orientation tool and guided by a musician, an actor and a dancer you will experience these 8 combinations of trust and control.

Together with the audience they explore the political potential of different models of ownership, execution, spectatorship and participation, the question being; what does it take to engage us, both as an audience and as citizens?




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