Traffic Light

Wiersma & Smeets (NL)

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26. September 2018, 10:00
26. September 2018, 12:00
27. September 2018, 09:30


150 (adult)
75 (child)


Avant Garden


Ca. 35 min



Traffic Light brings us into a world filled with smiling little lights that projects the most miraculous patterns using glass sweet boxes, punctured shammies, mirrors and numerous other household objects.

For children aged 3–9 / familie


Here we meet a little white light man in search of a friend. He takes a long trip around the world and through space. Everywhere he finds lights, but there is nobody just like him. Until one day he stumbles upon the traffic light… There he is, the little traffic light man. Together they travel through cities and fields before they finally find a place where they feel content…


With a charming mix of high and low technology, Wiersma & Smeets prove that the most beautiful stories are told using the most straightforward and unexpected materials. We look forward to enjoying this compelling theatrical fable filled with surprises!


For almost 20 years Wiersma & Smeets have developed great and small installations and performances with their knick-knack art. In many cases the installations and performances not specifically intended for children still made a special impression on the youngsters. The free and unconventional style that Wiersma & Smeets use stimulated their fantasy, most likely because it is very similar to the way children shape their fantasy world in play.

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