The Garden of Spirited Minds

Dalija Acin Thelander (SE)

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26. September 2018, 10:00
26. September 2018, 14:00
27. September 2018, 09:30
27. September 2018, 13:30
28. September 2018, 10:00
28. September 2018, 14:00


150 (adult)
75 (child)




3 hrs (come and go as you please)



The Garden of Spirited Minds offers a unique art experience for the youngest, where you can step into the artwork itself. This installation creates its own sensory world in which babies and adults can spend as much time as they choose, in the way that they choose.

For children aged 0–12 months


Dalija Acin Thelander is renowned for her works challenging what it means to create art for babies and young children. The festival is proud to present her new installation made exclusively for babies.


The Garden of Spirited Minds present an exceptional immersive and multi-sensorial artistic experience for babies and their adults. It invites the audience to freely move, enjoy multiple perspectives, explore, be active and/or relax – choosing the ways to engage with the proposed environment.

The installation/performance environment is designed to challenge usual conceptions of aesthetics for babies and it affirms the idea of place as sensed, place as sensation – space as audial-tactile or kinaesthetic sensory universe in which proprioception is key. The dense installation setting is inspired by organic forms and provides an out-of-ordinary aesthetic experience, interlacing movement and dance, music and sound, visual and tactile stimulation as well as natural smells.


The Garden of Spirited Minds er forbeholdt babyer mellom 0 og 12 måneder.

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