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11. September 2018, 14:00
12. September 2018, 14:00
13. September 2018, 14:00
14. September 2018, 14:00


Free admission


A camper that drives around in Trondheim


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At Bastard 2018, Wild at Art will create and be The Cafécab – a rolling kitchen and dance joint, a world market place, a jam session and a rest stop  where everyone is welcome and the opening hours vary – if you can’t find us – we’ll come to you!


In a sense of longing, alienation or wanderlust, I found a pleasure in listening to music I’d never heard before, from places I’d never been to, from countries I unfortunately don’t know anybody in, played on stereos in cabs, loudly, on my way home from the nightlife of the city. I was soon addicted to these encounters, the talks, the sounds and rhythms that took me to a wider world, turning the cabs into small exotic countries on wheels, and that made me happy. – Ann-Cathrin Hertling


“When they turned the music on, and I didn’t recognize any of it, but then I felt it –bang! Straight into my hip, the whole, wide hip. From everywhere new people arrived, that I’ve never seen before, laughing, rolling, and I snuck under their raised arms, on my way to the tambourines and drums.” – Siri Gjære


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