Kristinsdottir/Willyson med Børmark/Borchgrevink (NO)

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2. December 2017, 19:00
3. December 2017, 19:00




Avant Garden


90 min


Norwegian & English

We’re about to sink into the Self!

In 2013 Jeff Bush, an ordinary man from Florida, lay relaxing in his bed. Suddenly, the earth tore open and swallowed him alive. This is the starting point for Synkehull, where the audience have the opportunity to explore all sorts of cavities. The goal is collective fear management, and maybe also to acquire a tiny bit of hope. After all, a whole is also an opening!

Synkehull is a concert performance. Musician, composer and sound designer Magnus Børmark composes and performs all sound and music live, with a guitar and with what one could rightfully call the niftiest pedalboard in the history of music.

Hildur Kristinsdottir is known to the audience of Teaterhuset Avant Garden through her previous trilogy Classics for kids. We are very excited to present this new production aimed at adults. Synkehull is a collaboration between the duo Kristinsdottir/Willyson, musician Magnus Børmark and performance artist Anders Borchgrevink, who were all involved in one or more of the performances of the before mentioned trilogy.



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