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Oblivia (FI)

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10. September 2013, 21:00
11. September 2013, 20:00


135 - Ordinær
115 - Moderasjon
75 - Barn (u/16)
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Avant Garden
Teaterhuset Avant Garden



Oblivia first visited us at last year’s Bastard-festival, with the very entertaining Entertainment Island I-III – a show that had the whole festival quoting them for days: «look at you looking good». This year the Finnish group is back with a World Premiere!

We have all been there. The auditorium is too hot, the leg space too small, the seat too hard. And what we see on stage doesn’t let us forget the discomforts we unselfishly took upon us. On the contrary, what happens there right in front of our eyes only seems to be intended for one purpose: to increase our pain. We’ve all been there; it’s tested and empirically proven: bad art is bad for us. It’s bad for our health, bad for our mental state, our emotional wellbeing, for us as communities, for society at large, for the world, for our planet. Stop bad art! And there’s the catch… because Oblivia would not be Oblivia if it did what common sense told it to do. So here we go: what you see is bad. It’s bad and it gets worse. In its newest performance Oblivia frees itself from the compulsory need to do well. It digs deep into… art (with a capital «F»). Its method: to do as badly as possible. But Oblivia would also not be Oblivia if there wasn’t another catch: what you see is rarely what you get. «Oblivia is the rare example of a theatre that directly infuses into the brain of its audience. It is a theatre that doesn’t happen on stage but in the minds of the spectators», says Veit Sprenger. Therefore, be aware… Depending on your mind, this could be a performance that seriously disturbs your sense of what is good and what is bad…

Finnish performance company Oblivia is continuing its journey into the recesses of postmodernism, wandering through the grounds of the museum they are building. Teaterhuset Avant Garden and Bastard are proud to present the World Premiere of «Super B»! The Finnish Premiere follows at LUME during the Baltic Circle. Oblivia first visited us on last year’s Bastard-festival, with the very entertaining «Entertainment Island I-III». «Super B» is part of the five-year project «Museum of Postmodern Art – MOPMA» which is produced in co-operation with international and national partners.

Working group Devising & on stage: Timo Fredriksson, Anna Krzystek (UK) & Annika Tudeer. Sound: Juuso Voltti. Light: Meri Ekola. Photography, documentation & www co-ordination: Eija Mäkivuoti. Graphic design: Pia Pettersson. Production manager: Marina Andersson-Rahikka, Production manager, international: Christian Koch, Passanten GMBH. Co-production: Avantgarden (N), Baltic Circle (FIN) Supported by: Arts Promotion Centre Finland, Svenska kulturfonden

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