Stranger Within

Mia Habib & Jassem Hindi (NO/FR)

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11. September 2018, 18:30
12. September 2018, 16:00
13. September 2018, 16:00
14. September 2018, 16:00


130 Student
200 Ordinær

Creative lecture will start at 19:00, 11. September.

Performance will start at 19:00, 12. and 13. September, and at 21:00, 14. September.


Trondheim Academy of Fine Art


Norwegian & English

Strangers spread out poetically over a political room

Presented in collaboration with Galleri KiT

Habib and Hindi have been performing in people’s homes in the North of Norway, in exchange for a dinner. These were moments between strangers, where everything felt important, without the need for extraordinary acts. People recounted their relationship to history, to violence and to wilderness, evoking their secret wounds, their seasons, mothers, money. Habib and Hindi carried with them a few friends, a series of poems about strangeness and nature, childish leather masks and an old wooden toy boat found on a cold beach in Alta.

Operating on the fringe of public spaces, and outside of institutional networks, allows Habib and Hindi to activate their concept of the artist as a stranger. In close contact with the people that invite them to their homes, they gather information through discussions, pictures, videos and sounds. Instead of talking about general politics, they work within the frame and context of our micro political, micro economical situation. Habib and Hindi build their space and language with what they can carry with them, and what the situation carries for them. This is what Habib and Hindi call a poetical practice. Their activity of the poetical practice in specific places, inhabited by a multiplicity of people, is spread upon what may be called a political space.

Stranger Within is both an installation, a performance, and a happening, that takes place over four days.

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11. September

18:30 Gallery opening and vernissage

19:00 Stranger within invites Siri Broch Johanssen with "SOS Dobrie"

"Welcome to Sabmie Ovttastuvvon Siiddat - SOS. Europe's oldest, most powerful and arrogant country. It is a matriarchy, ruled by women through 1150 years. It is where the sami language has become the worlds most important lingua franca, where one lives sustainable and decentralised, together with nature. The exception is the southern province of Dobrie. That is where the diamond mine is located - the countries primary source of income, not to be spoken too much about. And the indigenous of the area, the Moscus people, is not to be spoken of much either".

Johansen is in this project investigating power and powerlessness. By looking into a fiction one may learn somethings about our contemporary society- she believes. Johansen is currently investigating how her nomadic Sami theatre project, where the audience participates as co-readers, may be liberating. Under the invitation of Stranger Within she will present a creative lecture around this project, SOS Dobrie. During the lecture she will present the fiction, share some fragments of text with the audience and talk about her reading tours in Sami areas.

Siri Broch Johansen from Deatnu – Tana is a singer, playwright and author. She has collaborated with Beaivváš sámi našunálateáhter, Det norske teatret and Radioteatret. She holds an MA in theatre from Oslo National Academy of the Arts.

12. September and 13. September

Exhibition opening at 16:00

Stranger within +  guest Sina Seifee

Performance Evil land of clay from 19:00

Mia Habib and Jassem Hindi worked together in the North of Norway, performing in people's houses against a dinner. These were fleeting moments between strangers, where everything mattered: from childish leather mask dances, horror eco-poetry, casual talks and sharing food, with no need to generate extraordinary acts.

During those encounters, Mia Habib and Jassem Hindi carried with them a series of poems that explored the relation between strangeness and the great outdoors. The title of the performance refers to the poem by Swedish author Aase Berg.

The space they are now offering at KiT represents a “landscapification” of their practice letting oneself be immersed in what and whom we encounter: oil drilling frozen reindeers, pouring black coffee with sleeping sami rappers, eating kven waffles while meeting spies.

Guest artist: Sina Seifee. In his artistic output Sina explores narrative fields and knowledge production. He is based in Brussels, with background from Tehran.

14. September 

Exhibition opening at 16:00

Stranger within +  guest Sina Seifee

21:00 - Performance Evil land of clay, drinks and closing party.


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