(re)remember study – Trondheim

Findlay//Sandsmark (US/NO)

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21. September 2017, 17:00




Storefront in Olav Tryggvasons gate 5


3 hours (drop in)

Built from people’s memories tied to specific locations, (re)remember study – Trondheim is a durational performance and installation that explores nostalgia and the act of remembering as phenomenon.

This performance will serve as an open window between the festival and the city of Trondheim. Each performance lasts approximately three hours, during which the audience is free to move about the space and come and go as they please. The performance/installation will take place in a storefront venue located in the same building as the theatre (former dress shop called “Zentrum”, next to Istanbul Kebab).

In the days leading up to the performance the artists will ask local Trondheim residents to take them on walks to places they associate with a good or pleasant memory. The walks are documented through sound, movement, image and varying visual artistic strategies. In a live composition, Findlay//Sandsmark interpret and re-remember stories from the places they have visited. The artistic meditations seek to form connections and correlations to varying modes of the past, as well as, between the subjective and the general, the site-specific and the universal.

The work is a collaboration between the Stavanger-based performance company, Findlay//Sandsmark, New York-based musician and composer, Catherine McRae, curator Marte Danielsen Jølbo and visual artist Daniel Slåttnes.



Findlay//Sandsmark (F//S) is a Stavanger based performance company working across the disciplines of dance, theater, live music and video art. Over the past six years they have created several productions in the borderland between performing arts and installation, bending connections and correlations between disciplines to create live art which resonates from a physical and emotional plane. In that brief time, they have made six large scale performances- now and nowhere else (2010), fractured bones/ let’s get lost (2011/2012), biograph, last year was pretty/shitty (2013/2014), o’ death (2014/2015), (re)remember study (2015/2016) and returner (2016/2017), as well as several other shorter pieces/installations. For each project they invite new collaborators to work with them in an collective, process based approach. Their work has been presented internationally including at PS 122’s Coil Festival, Abrons Arts Center and The Performing Garage in New York, and in regular collaboration in Norway with Black Box Teater in Oslo, Bit Teatergarasjen in Bergen, and Teaterhuset Avant Garden in Trondheim. Their work has also been presented at On the Boards in Seattle, Wexner Center in Columbus, Ohio, as well as at film festivals such as Sundance, Lacarno, and BAM (Brooklyn Academy of Music).

Nettside: www.findlay-sandsmark.com


Catherine McRae

Catherine McRae is a violinist, composer and performer. Incorporating electronics and loopers into her toolkit, McRae has spent the past fifteen years working with experimental musicians, filmmakers and other artists. She co-created and performed several scores for director Sam Green on his live documentaries, including The Measure of All Things (2014) and Utopia in Four Movements (2010). These films were presented at Sundance, The Walker, The Wexner, The Kitchen and many festivals including River to River (NYC), David Byrne’s Meltdown Festival (London), Ambulante (Mexico City), and True/False (Columbia, MO). Over the years she has worked with a diverse range of musicians, writers, filmmakers, and performers on a wide variety of projects, including Patti Smith; Vic Chesnutt; Tom Verlaine; members of Fugazi, godspeed you! black emperor, and the Ex; Nick Tosches; Richard Maxwell; NTUSA; Ben Katchor and Mark Mulcahy.


Marte Danielsen

Marte Danielsen Jølbo is an independent curator and writer. Jølbo holds an MA in Modern Culture and Cultural Communication from the University of Copenhagen, and a BA in Comparative Literature. She is co-founder and curator of Another Space, a project space for art and architecture based in Copenhagen and Oslo, which she runs together with architect and curator Nicola Louise Markhus. Jølbo is also co-founder and editor of the online journal Contemporary Art Stavanger, and has authored and edited several art publications.


Daniel Ståttnes

Daniel Slåttnes holds a master degree in Fine Art from the National Academy of the Arts in Oslo (2014). He works with what he calls “performative sculptures”, to explore boundaries between the artistic input and the materials that he uses in his production. He has currently a solo show at Gallery Ask in collaboration with a houseplant. The sculptures they have produced here are also partaking in the National Autumn Exhibition at Kunstnernes Hus. Recent exhibitions in 2017 include: «Individuation Treatments» at Oslo Project Space, «Conversation» between bodies» at Gallery BOA in Oslo and «Seances with Materials» at Platform 1-12 in Slovakia.

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