Om bare Lyseblå kunne bli superhelt

Av Katja Brita Lindeberg Produksjoner (NO)

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25. November 2015, 18:00
26. November 2015, 18:00


75 - Barn
150 - Voksen


Avant Garden


Ca. 50 min



WORLD PREMIERE! Imagine being a superhero in a superhero world, far far away. Invincible, someone who never gives up, someone nobody could bully. Would that have made you «the right kind» of boy?

Welcome to the brand new children’s performance «Om bare Lyseblå kunne bli superhelt» – «If only Lyseblå (‘baby blue’) could be a superhero». The performance is also shown 28 and 29 November, together with «Om bare Rosa kunne trylle». Suitable for children aged 6–9.


Performing artist Katja Brita Lindeberg redefined the pink universe of young girls in her performance about the young clown Rosa, translated: «If only Rosa could do magic». In her new performance she looks at the expectations young boys are met with in our society.

Lyseblå is a scared boy, although nobody knows. The other boys won’t let him join in at playing football, because he is no good. So he bothers them instead. He bullies the weaker kids, to avoid being bullied himself. He doesn’t dare to talk to his teachers, and his parents will just get upset. Deep inside he longs to be a superhero so that he can show the world who he really is.



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