Oh Magic

Simon Mayer/Kopf hoch (AT/BE)

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14. September 2018, 20:30
15. September 2018, 18:30




Trøndelag Teater - Studioscenen


60 min



The magic in technological advancement meets the longing for connection and tradition


Magic is the secret, mystical knowledge of the power of incantations, and special movements and actions. The magic is both threatening and enchanting. In Oh Magic there is a fusion of the manipulative powers of robotic and natural magics, in an attempt to reconcile our double existence of old traditions and rituals on the one hand, and the brave new world of machines and robots on the other.

Simon Mayer is a performer, choreographer and musician from Austria. Oh Magic is a man-and-machine-performance, a live concert, played by artists and robots.  The most conceivable and inconceivable practices of the instruments turn into dance and soundscapes, and magically transform into a piece of technological and visual art on stage. It is a playful combination of bodies and mechanics, music and dance, in search of a new harmony.

The desire of the authentic is a desire of being true to oneself.  Simon Mayer is searching for authenticity in shamanic rituals, in trance, in the repetitive traditions of folk culture, as well as in abstract, contemporary dance and experimental music. In this performance, the powers of technology merge with a simple and wonderous play with the elements.


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