O’ death

Findlay/Sandsmark (US/NO)

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27. January 2017, 19:00
28. January 2017, 19:00


200 - Ordinær
150 - TOBB-medlem
130 - Scenekort/Student/Honnør


Avant Garden


60 min.

Death does not exist. Words and language are not enough. Everything we have ever loved is not enough.

«O’ Death, Where is Thy Sting?»: Inspired by 1920s blues singer and brimstone pastor J. M. Gates’s songs, the installation-performance O’ death comes alive amidst towering styrofoam sculptures and mechanical trees.

Built on an interaction between sound and movement, O’ death gives sound a physical presence in movements, objects and flickering lights. The performance attempts, in a humorous way, to prove that death does not exist: For the sting of death will not penetrate the countless universes that permeate our own, remarkable as it is, formed by time and space and created by consciousness. «Death does not exist, only fear of death» Andrej Tarkovskij.

Findlay/Sandsmark have performed at Teaterhuset Avant Garden several times before, most recently in November 2014 with biograph, last year was pretty/shitty.



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