NODES: Avant Fini

Helle Siljeholm with partners (NO)

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6. December 2018, 12:00
7. December 2018, 12:00
8. December 2018, 11:00


Avant Garden


Ca. 10 hrs - come and go as you please (closing party on Saturday)



Avant Fini is our farewell party and our parting gift to our current location in the city centre! It’s also a welcome party to old and new friends, to the neighbours, and to everyone curious about what this “Avant Garden Theatre” is all about – and what it may become. 

For our very last event before we move, Helle Siljeholm has gathered a large group of artists to join an artistic investigation of Teaterhuset Avant Garden’s history, its present and its possible futures: How did it come about? What does it mean to the city, the country and the people surrounding it? Who have been important for Avant Garden’s development? Who – and what – could have been important? What did the theatre stand for in the beginning? And what about today? What can the future theatre become?

Meticulous mapping and line drawing between materials uncovered in archives, interviews, visions, strategies and artistic speculation will accumulate in a three-day performance happening, filled with small and large junctures of artistic interpretations.

The project relies on theatrical, documentary, artistic and game technological tools to draw up its complex network of connections between people, events, circumstances, stories and political factors. What emerges is a playful and complex web of small performances, conversations, analytical systems, installations and confrontations: A performative network of junctures (nodes), stretching out over three days. Visitors are invited to come for one or several visits, short or long, to interpret, speculate and influence the possible futures of the theatre at its new location at Rosendal.


The title, «Avant Fini» was given by Aina Thiis Lerdal, who according to several sources was also the one who came up with the name for the theatre «Avant Garden», back in the days. 


In addition to marking an end to a chapter, NODES: Avant Fini also marks the beginning of a new artistic work, continued at our brand-new venue, Rosendal, next fall!



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