Mørkerommet #2: Dark

Carlos Alberto Correia (PT)

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9. December 2017, 16:00




Avant Garden


ca 45-60 min



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“Dark” has the potential to contain the immensity. It is the unknown; what we can’t see; the mystery; the black hole. Through a seemingly endless dictionary definition, this evening presents many possible representations of what the word might mean. This doesn’t help us to really understand the meaning of dark, but could instead lead us to the discussion of how intangible all of these representations are.


In Correia’s practice, there are essentially three subjects of discussion: representation, presentation and the referent . The one he’s more interested in, is the first one: “representation”. He elects this one as his starting point to get closer to the two other subjects. In this proposal, for Mørkerommet, the referent he chooses is the word “dark”. Because it is something that has been thought of as or assumed to be a concept; however, this thing that is called “dark” is something that always existed, even before the existence of the human species. It is in the very necessity of attributing names to something that the referential word “dark” appears.

For Mørkerommet, Correia proposes an (almost) infinite dictionary definition of the word “dark”,  read by an actor on a dimly lit stage.

So tension is brought between the presentation of “dark” (and all the possible and inherent meanings) and its representation (once again, questioning what this means or what is considered), which turns into “dark” as a word and concept.

In the tradition of the western philosophy but not only, the dark has great value as if this could contain the “immensity”. It is the unknown — because we can’t sight — or the mystery. Or the black hole. In this proposal, is a no-end dictionary definition with many possible definitions that somehow doesn’t help us to really understand the meaning of dark but lead us to the discussion of what means this or other kind of representations and how intangible all of them are.


Dark – is on Mixlr



Mørkerommet challenges the audience, the local artists and the contemporary theatre-institution.

Mørkerommet (The Darkroom), is Avant Garden’s arena for experiments, meetings across artistic boundaries and work in progress. The goal is to create an open discussion about what performative art is and ought to be, and even challenge Avant Garden’s own limits as an institution.

This season, we will arrange two darkroom-events. The first one is already programmed, and the second one is an open call. The program is curated in collaboration with Tobias Liljedahl.

Welcome to Mørkerommet!


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