Mørkerommet #2 2018

Moaning in Trouble

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15. May 2018, 19:00


Free, but ticket required


Avant Garden


1,5 hours


Mørkerommet #2 2018 presents: Moaning in Trouble. Performative voice and body workshop: public moaning

By The Moaners: Rosina Ivanova (BG/GR), Susanna Barlow (CA), Hilde Pytkowski (NO) & Prerna Bishnoi (IN)

Limited availability. We recommend booking your (free) ticket in advance.


For Mørkerommet #2 2018 the Moaners invite us to come together in spontaneity, vulnerability and wickedness as we create a small temporary galaxy of asynchronous sounds, and rage against the censoring of sounds, and restrictions on the body that we can feel in public space.

In this workshop the Moaners open up their moaning practice to all who would like to join in a safe and comfortable space at Avant Garden.

Single mothers, musicologists, voiceless migrants, sound mixing agents, vocal improvisers, musical beings, poetic partisans, dancers, designers, art historians, drummers, samplers of silence, loud public speakers, calm creatures, excited beings, vocal psychotherapists, queer sisters and brothers, grown up babies, curators breaking the rules, wicked publishers, and others; we ask you to lay down with us and experiment with your own exhalation, groaning, moaning or made-up sounds to create the soundscape of public moaning.

We will experiment with the sounds of our untrained voices: we create and change for one another through an audible inhaling and exhaling of free states. We listen and play with the sounds our bodies create.

Will we unlearn a fear?

Come, come,
Come join the public moan


We recommend wearing comfortable clothes for this workshop.


In 2017, the Moaners started holding Moaning Sessions: voice and body workshops, at the Trondheim Academy of Fine Art, lasting one hour each. Once and twice a week, they met collectively in the dark to experiment with their bodily residues creating psychological soundscapes. As a result of the experiment/workshop, two events were held in public outdoors:

*A live streaming of their moan sessions titled Moaning Sessions Towards the Sky in the Chihuahuan Desert for the Archeology of the Frivolous curated by Allen Ferguson and Andy C., was broadcasted live from Trondheim, Norway to the desert in Texas, El Paso.

* Moaning Sessions from Trondheim, an open public sound listening event was held at the small Solsiden square in Trondheim, during which their moan sounds, amplified through speakers at the square played for passers-by and an intimate audience to intervene with the scape, the people rushing out the mall, and through the square. The works were created together with a Moan Manifest: Chorus of a Moan Galaxy document that remains undistributed

During the moaning workshops a temporary soundscape forms out of bodily sounds, gasps, breaths and small moments of silence, letting any corporeal sounds come out. For the Moaners, ‘public moaning’ is an act of vulnerable state and of vocal courage withstanding the warring imposition of how society choreographs bodies and voices in public space on daily bases.


What is Mørkerommet?

Mørkerommet challenges local artists, the audience, and the contemporary theatre-institution.

Mørkerommet (The Darkroom), is Teaterhuset Avant Garden’s arena for experiments, interdisciplinary artistic meetings and works in progress. The aim is to open a discussion about what performative art really is and ought to be. We want to challenge and inspire artists, the audience and our own boundaries as an institution.

This season, we present two Mørkerommet-events, programmed through open calls. The events are curated and arranged in collaboration with Tobias Liljedahl.


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