Mørkerommet #1 2018

Presents: "Prologue: The Execution of the Sunrise" - by Martinus Suijkerbuijk

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21. March 2018, 19:00
21. March 2018, 20:00


Free entrance


Avant Garden


Ca. 25 min



Mørkerommet #1 2018 presents: Prologue: The Execution of the Sunrise – by Martinus Suijkerbuijk (NL)

The performance is presented twice: 19:00 and 20:00
Limited number of seats
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Prologue: The Execution of the Sunrise is an automated play, made in collaboration between Suijkerbuijk and artificial intelligent agents as his “creative companions”(!) Script, screams, stutters and sounds for the performance are generated through this joint effort, into a performance best characterised as an amalgam of Artaud’s Theatre of Cruelty and the Futurist Synthetic Theatre.

The protagonist – a disembodied intelligence (DI)– of the play is mediated through a voice, drawn from Felix Guatarri’s science fiction film script A Love of UIQ. It narrates through textures of sound, light and voice, the DI’s absurd climax of omnipotent but invisible singularity, and questions if intelligence is reasonable and human in the first place.

The play creatively thinks beyond a stage engaged by physical human actors, and explores the possibilities of machines, automation and control engaged in, and constituting theatre performance. It dismantles a fashionable technological fetishism by placing our present human condition on the drawing board, and explores alternative ways to live the future through the theatre.


Prologue: The Execution of the Sunrise is the first episode in Martinus Suijkerbuijk’s long term research project: Seven Acts between a Wound and a Scream. The ambitious project encompasses different works that dissect – through various media, narratives, cartographies and choreographies – the enterprise and constitution of reason.


What is Mørkerommet?

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Mørkerommet challenges local artists, the audience, and the contemporary theatre-institution.

Mørkerommet (The Darkroom), is Teaterhuset Avant Garden’s arena for experiments, interdisciplinary artistic meetings and works in progress. The aim is to open a discussion about what performative art really is and ought to be. We want to challenge and inspire artists, the audience and our own boundaries as an institution.

This season, we present two Mørkerommet-events, programmed through open calls. The events are curated and arranged in collaboration with Tobias Liljedahl.

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