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23. September 2010, 20:00
24. September 2010, 15:00
25. September 2010, 15:00
26. September 2010, 15:00
27. September 2010, 15:00




Comfort Hotel Trondheim

“Mikado”, a sound installation, builds upon a scene from Ingmar Bergmans film “Cries and Whispers” from 1972. Through a three-dimentional, borderline physical soundscape, Hans Rosenstöm creates a strong feeling of presence of a person who is not actually in the room. The combination of a text about personal change, and the direct appeals to the listener and the situation, invites you to become part of the story told.

Concept and director: Hans Rosenström performers: Kristofer Hivju Text: Ingmar Bergman


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