Listening Party

Ásrún Magnúsdóttir (IS)

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12. September 2018, 18:30
13. September 2018, 17:30
14. September 2018, 17:00






60 min



30 teenagers invite you to a Listening Party!

It’s our party and we cry if we want to!

Presented in collaboration with Rockheim

Listening Party is a party on stage, the hosts are a big group of teenagers, aged 13-17 years old. They play their favourite music. Sometimes they sing along or dance along or cry along or whatever. They talk about their music and about themselves, ideas, worries, thoughts and dreams. They hang out, listen to music together and listen to each other with their audience. They support each other, celebrate each other and their teenage years. The stage is theirs, the words are theirs, they have the power - even though it’s just during the show - it’s their party and they do whatever they want!


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