Krig og fred

av Eirik Fauske. Regi: Erlend Samnøen

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29. October 2013, 19:00
30. October 2013, 19:00
31. October 2013, 19:00
1. November 2013, 19:00
2. November 2013, 15:00
3. November 2013, 15:00


190 - Ordinær
120 - Moderasjon


Avant Garden
Teaterhuset Avant Garden

«Krig og fred» (War and Peace) is written specifically for a group of acting students in the graduating class at Høgskolen i Nord-Trøndelag by playwright Eirik Fauske.

It is a performance about war and how war is legitimised in democratic societies. Norway has until recently contributed in a «Non-International Armed Conflict». The USA is waging its «War on Terror». Estimates of the Earth’s future resources are pessimistic, to say the least, and the fear of conflict is therefore genuine. Still, the word «war» is interpreted, used and experienced differently by «the Cabinet Minister», «the woman on the street», and «the civilian drone victim in Pakistan», and the ways to war are diverse.

Director: Erlend Samnøen Text: Eirik Fauske On stage: Lisa Birkenes Thun, Kristoffer Veiersted, Erik Bauck Set design and costumes: Marie Steen Löwendahl and Ingrid Tønder Light design: Eirik Brenne Torsethaugen Sound design: Jørgen Noodt Skjærvold Dramaturgical input and sound consultant: Per Platou Dramaturg text Kai Johnsen Graphic design: Kristian Kaupang Photo: Eirik Brenne Torsethaugen Producer: Eirik Fauske and Anita Basmo Bjørnstad/HiNT Co-produced by: HiNT and Teaterhuset Avant Garden Supported by: Kulturrådet, HiNT and Teaterhuset Avant Garden

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