Fabularium Produksjoner (NO)

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25. March 2017, 12:00
26. March 2017, 14:00


150 - Voksne
75 - Barn


Avant Garden


Ca. 45 min



Every two seconds, a rainforest area the size of a football court is destroyed.

| *For children aged 5–10

Gullfrosken introduces us to a little frog who lives deep in the rainforest with his mom. One day, the mayor assembles the great frog council to an important meeting: The King of the country is cutting down the rainforest and is about to ruin life there. The little Golden Frog gets the honourable task of stopping the King, so that the animals can get their forest back. But how will he succeed?

The performance mixes facts about the golden frog from Panama with fables and fairy tales about frogs. It focuses on the frog and its role as an important player in the world’s ecosystems, and as an example of an endangered species that may soon disappear. Environmental issues are discussed by considering the frog as a transitional figure between nature and a man-made world of abundance. In the transition of these two worlds, magic might happen.

Welcome to a fabelfactulous performance!



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