Fail better… (A Beckett happening!)

Alpaca Ensemble, Theater Zerberus and International Guests!

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5. May 2017, 19:00
6. May 2017, 18:00


Avant Garden

Welcome to a weekend of music, theatre and text that explore and celebrate the work of Samuel Beckett!

“Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.”  Samuel Beckett

This event is part of the international festival “beckett@111″
a collection of Beckett-happenings in different countries.

Beckett’s work has revolutionized theatre worldwide and influenced musicians, artists, dancers, performers, and genre-crossers, provoking intellectuals and scholars.

This March, Trondheim-based Alpaca Ensemble is invited to Germany to take part in a five day long international festival-like celebration of the 111 anniversary of Beckett’s birth. In return, they have joined forces with their German colleagues in Theater Zerberus to recreate parts of the celebration in a special Trondheim edition!

For two nights, we can experience several small and larger pieces of performing arts and music that, in their own way, explore or refer to Beckett’s exceptional work!




Both days, before start and during intervals:

The Eye, movie installation. An exhibit by Karl Dunér (SE) in collaboration with Tomas Boman, with the voice of Rick Cluchey, ex-inmate of the Californian San Quentin prison, who after being released has worked with Beckett-director, notably playing Krapp’s Last Tape.

Friday May 5th:

Vernissage: The famous Beckett portraits by Lütfi Özkök

THEATRE: Not I, with Park Krausen (US) (Directed by: Brenda Bunyun)
WORDS AND MUSIC, works by Alwynne Pritchard (NO/GB):
We, three 1
Vitality Forms 5
We, Three 2
Vitality Forms 6
We, Three 3
Performed by Alpaca Trio (NO) + Alwynne Pritchard (GB/NO)

Short interval

VIDEO: Hearing Becket by Mesias Maiguashca
THEATRE: Nicht Ich, with Fabienne Trüssel (DE) (Directed by: Marek Kedzierski)
THEATRE: Katastrophe, with Theater Zerberus (DE) (Directed by: Marek Kedzierski. Stage design & costumes by: Malgorzata Szczesniak)

Meeting the artists


Saturday May 6th:

FILM: Kids reacting to Beckett #1 – Local kids interviewed about Beckett. By Alwynne Pritchard (NO/GB)
VIDEO: Come and Go, by Cristin König (DE)
TALK by Professor Emeritus Sissel Lie (NO) on Beckett
FILM: Kids reacting to Beckett #2, by Alwynne Pritchard (NO/GB)

Short interval

MUSIC/THEATRE: Hospice Lazy, by Alwynne Pritchard (GB/NO)

FILM: Kids reacting to Beckett #3, by Alwynne Pritchard (NO/GB)
FILM: Non io, with Silvia Costa (IT) (Directed by: Marek Kedzierski)

Short interval

FILM: Rue Samuel Beckett: Barbara Bray, (GB/FR 2013) a documentary by Marek Kedzierski and Piotr Dzumala

Meeting the artists



This project is part of an international collaboration of events under the headline “fail better: beckett@111”, including:
*E-Werk Freiburg 4–11 March
*Teaterhuset Avant Garden, Trondheim 5–6 May
*LAZNIA NOWA TEATR, TEATR GROTESKA, Krakow October–November 2017
*Paris, Auxerre, 2017/2018, in planning


– More information at:


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