As We Fade Out Into The Sweet Stream Of Oblivion

YODOK III + Flønes/Sanders/Strugstad (NO)

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9. May 2018, 19:00


290 Ordinary
190 Student
Tickets are sold via Jazzfest




Ca. 50 min



Welcome to a one-of-a-kind performance-concert! Everything unfolds in the moment, when renowned local jazz musicians, contemporary dancers and light artists gather for a mutual dialogue on stage.

Presented in collaboration with Jazzfest 2018

 As a live band, YODOK III can be experienced as an emotional ritual, specializing in long, patient, improvised pieces. At Jazzfest 2018 they embark on an improvised, live encounter with dance artists Flønes/Sanders/Strugstad, and their repetitive and melancholy movements, and the hypnotic, multi-dimensional visual landscape of Pekka Stokke and Ingrid Skanke Høsøien. Together they create a concert-performance that will tranquilize, move and absorb the audience’s senses.

As We Fade Out Into The Sweet Stream Of Oblivion is performance art that highlights the ever-growing need, in this superficial landscape of social media and fast-food entertainment, for reflection, soul searching and pure beauty.





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