Escape the universe

by Proxy (NO/DK/FI)

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7. April 2018, 19:00
8. April 2018, 16:00


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Avant Garden


80 min.



The Universe is something we all share. It’s size, beauty and unfathomable complexity fascinates, but also overwhelms the individual as it looks out into space.

In the meantime, everyday life demands our focus. There are skills to accumulate, relations to care for and mundane tasks to complete which might impede our ability to lift the gaze, think new thoughts and dream of unknown ways of life.

The performance tries to suspend the laws of gravity and invite to a celebration of the universe. Escape the Universe is an artistic thought experiment, driven by the urge to create a poetic escape room, a space in which science, fantasy and fiction merge and collide. The reason for this gran voyage comes from a genuine wish to deal with the potentiality that lies in the universe – this seemingly infinite and ambiguous organism.

By establishing an alternate space and a celebration of cosmic dimensions, the artists together with the audience can share their visions for the future, and perhaps parallel uncover which values mean the most, here and now, in life on earth.


About the artists

by Proxy is a nordic live art collective that after previous collaborations in smaller constellations within the group, gathered around the project “Stop Being Poor”.

The members are: Anders Firing Aardal, Matias Askvik, Marthe Sofie Løkeland Eide, David Jensen, Ylva Owren og Heiki Riipinen, all of whom share educational background from Norwegian Theatre Academy in Fredrikstad.

Their collective strength stems from a versatility of artistic qualities. Experience in different aesthetics, expressions and forms, combined with skills from different fields such as dance, music, scenography, installation, academia, lm and acting, they wish to reconsider how we experience theatre and other forms of live expressions.

by Proxy approach their material holistically by developing and exploring space, light, text, movement and sound simultaneously, in a search for dialogue, interaction and gaps between the elements of performance. They find it a crucial part of their process to weigh into questioning and experimentation, as strategies for deep listening and play.

by Proxy are appointed artistic leaders of Teater Momentum for their 11th season (2017/18).


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