Den store finalen

Teater Fusentast

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17. October 2013, 18:00
18. October 2013, 18:00
19. October 2013, 15:00
20. October 2013, 15:00


100 - voksen
75 - barn (10 til 16 år)


Avant Garden
Teaterhuset Avant Garden


50 min.

Den store finalen – hvordan overleve Dommedagen

For adults and children above the age of 10-12

As the Apocalypse strikes and Judgment Day falls upon the idyllic village of Fagersund, not every villager is equally well prepared. Who will be sent up the divine escalator? Who will take the plunge?

«Den store finalen…» is a roll call of historical theatrical elements, from live performance and figure theatre, through 17th-century Laterna Magicas, and vintage 50s slideshow projectors, to state-of-the-art live-action video projection. Teater Fusentast is well known for their mystically eccentric, thought-provoking and touching performances. «Den store finalen…» is no exception and is presented at Teaterhuset Avant Garden for the second time.

The Grand from Teater Fusentast on Vimeo.

Concept: Jaap den Hertog Script: Coby Omvlee, etter Belcampos novelle «Het grote gebeuren» Direction, dramaturgy: Elin Hassel Iversen Composer, musician: Dr. (Tor Einar) Bekken Actors: Coby Omvlee, Jaap den Hertog Illustrator, puppet design: Janne Magnussen Set design, puppetmaker: Camilla Lilleengen Costumes: Nina Gjølgasæther Light design: Marianne Thallaug Wedseth Light technician: Sune Schjelderup Stage technician: Jaap den Hertog Construction scenography: Martin Waagø, Stig Meidell Producer: Teater Fusentast, Andre Akt Co-producer: Teaterhuset Avant Garden Supported by: Kulturrådet, Kunstløftet, Fond for lyd og bilde, Fond for utøvende kunstnere, Torstein Erbos gavefond, Trondheim kommune, Sør-Trøndelag fylkeskommune, Norges kunstnerråd Webpage:

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