Deadline: Open Call Mørkerommet #2


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12. March 2018, 00:00


Avant Garden

Mørkerommet challenges local artists, the audience, and the contemporary theatre-institution.


Mørkerommet can develop an array of performative expressions, spatial installations, video art, music presented in exciting new formats and much more. Artists working on projects that have a performative dimension, regardless of genre, are invited to apply for participation in Mørkerommet. Artists within all professions are welcome to apply with their projects. The main criteria to be considered is that the project has a performative dimension, and can fit in our space. More information, as well as pictures of the venue and a list of technical equipment can be found at

See pictures/technical drawings of the venue and list of technical equipment.

Applications should contain:

* A short project description (text, images, drafts etc). Max 4000 characters

* Budget

* CV of all participating artists

Apply to: Deadline: 12th of March.

What is Mørkerommet?

Mørkerommet (The Darkroom), is Avant Garden’s arena for experiments, meetings across artistic boundaries and work in progress. The goal is to create an open discussion about what performative art is and ought to be, and even challenge Avant Garden’s own limits as an institution.

This season, we will arrange two darkroom-events based on an open call. Artists working on projects that has a performative dimension, regardless of genre, are invited to apply. We will collaborate with different artists to create a new programme for each individual night.

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