Dance To Dance To

Ludvig Daae (NO)

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14. September 2018, 18:30
15. September 2018, 17:30



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60 min



Norwegian dancer seduces with ingratiating disco in an encounter with classical ballet.

Presented in collaboration with Dansenett Norge and DansiT

Inspired by the Mexican choreographer Esmeralda Vasquez, Ludvig Daae has created a dance performance that questions the concepts “innovation” and “high culture”. With the help of three dancers, he re-imagines Vasquez’ classic piece Dance to Dance to and transforms it into a contemporary dance performance, as relevant today as it was when it premiered in 1783.

The original Dance to Dance to was left uncompleted when Vasquez died. However, the unfinished piece was presented in her honor. It was an instant success, undoubtedly helped by the rumors surrounding Esmeraldas death and her original plan for the completion of the piece. Today it is considered to be one of the most iconic dance performances of all time.

The idea of the unfinished masterpiece interested Daae, and became the starting point for his research. Ludvig and his team honor the original disco dance elements in Vasquez’ Dance to Dance to, but juxtapose it with their own interpretation of what this classic performance would look and sound like, had it been created today.


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