Complete Works: Table Top Shakespeare

Forced Entertainment (GB)

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7. February 2019, 00:00
8. February 2019, 00:00
9. February 2019, 00:00
11. February 2019, 00:00
12. February 2019, 00:00
13. February 2019, 00:00
14. February 2019, 00:00
15. February 2019, 00:00
16. February 2019, 00:00


80 kr.

Presented by Teaterhuset Avant Garden and Trøndelag Teater.


Trøndelag Theatre


45 min



Have a seat. Shakespeare is on the menu! The king and queen as salt and pepper pots, the prince as a vase. The messenger a water bottle and the scene a simple kitchen table. Behind the table? One single actor, solely orchestrating the objects, using only the great force of storytelling.


“Forced Entertainment’s series of table-top plays performed with household items is in a great tradition of storytelling that keeps Shakespeare alive” – The Guardian


Curious, funny and memorable; Teaterhuset Avant Garden’s only happening during spring 2019 is something quite out of the ordinary. Together with Trøndelag Teater we present to you the complete works of William Shakespeares in 36 plays - a celebration of Shakespeare as storyteller, as well as a celebration and exploration of storytelling and theater as phenomenons.


The company Forced Entertainment has something of a legendary status on the independent performing theatre scene. For years they have worked with exploring in different ways the conjuring of extraordinary scenes, images and stories using language alone. Table Top Shakespeare condences the shakespearian heritage with a method free of compromises, resulting in a levelling of the different plays – from the ones we know like Romeo and Juliet, Macbeth and Hamlet to the lesser known diamonds in disguise Coriolanus, Timon from Athens and Troilus and Cressida.


Cut to the essence Forced Entertainment creates their own Shakespeare world – slightly odd and living as ever. A world where we actually picture the marmalade jar blushing, and the slim torch emotionally ignite. Welcome to a unique opportunity to get to know Shakespeares works here in Trondheim. Seeing several plays will definitely broaden and highlight the experience.



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