Bastard 2016: Late Night

blitz theatre group (GRC)

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19. September 2016, 20:00
20. September 2016, 20:00


230 - Regular
150 - TOBB-members
150 - Scenekort
150 - Student/Seniors
120 - Festival Card


Olavshallen, Lille sal


1,5 hours


English surtitles

Among the debris of a dilapidated ballroom, six performers dance a surreal waltz of death over the ruins of Europe, stopping only for their fragmented recollections of a lost love.

What does it feel like to live through the end of an era? When everything is falling apart, all you can do is wait for the end while passing the time. There’s music, singing and dancing. One waltz after the other, as if it were a matter of life and death, interrupted only by enthusiastically performed tricks.

Apparently their shabby festive dresses and their memories are all that is left to the people on stage. They recount fragmentary stories of the past, of a European war that appears as surreal as the colourful festive illumination of the rundown ballroom that houses them.

Late Night has the otherworldly feel of a David Lynch film. Emotive and poetic, with a quiet stillness and an unsettling quality of confinement, the piece unfolds to a nostalgic soundtrack; a gentle and poetic dystopia in three-four time.


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