Post humanism and small children’s encounter with art


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5. May 2018, 14:00




Avant Garden


2 timer



Following the last presentation of Teater Fot’s children’s performance Verken Fugl eller Fisk (Neither Fish nor Fowl), there will be a seminar on post humanism and small children’s encounter with art. The seminar is open to all those interested, and will be held in Norwegian.

The seminar will raise different questions regarding small children’s encounter with art: Do they need to understand what they are experiencing? Are there perhaps more ways to understand? Do subconscious factors play a part in understanding? What role do material, visual, phonic, or bodily experiences play? How important is the performer’s experience and knowledge about young children, improvisation, and play? And last but not least: How do theory and philosophy interact with the artistic process?

The seminar’s starting point is the ongoing debate on post humanistic perspectives in the field of early childhood education and care. It will touch upon the relationship between art and research, and the question surrounding how philosophical reorientations have affected both the arts and scientific inquiry.

Anne Beate Reinertsen, professor in pedagogy at DMMH, will present on post humanism and kindergarten research.

Lise Hovik, artistic head of Teater Fot and associate professor in drama and theatre at DMMH, will present on the field of arts made for small children, and will share her experiences from the creative process of Verken Fugl eller Fisk (Neither Fish nor Fowl).

Following the presentations, the floor will open to questions and a discussion.


The seminar will be succeeded by another seminar in the fall. The Verken Fugl eller Fisk project also has a baby theatre version, and following these performances there will be a new seminar on theoretical perspectives. This seminar will be arranged as a philosophical conversation on the meaning of affect in art for young children, based on texts by Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari.

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