Baby Body

Inclusive Dance Company (NO)

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4. March 2017, 10:00
4. March 2017, 12:00
11. March 2017, 10:00
11. March 2017, 12:00


Avant Garden


30 min.

Our body can be an adventure! It’s a starting point for understanding, dreaming and playing, while feelings such as joy, sadness, curiosity and fear continuously emerge.

*For children aged 0–3 years | **Co-production | ***World premiere!

Baby Body focuses on the body’s different moods and associations, sounds and music: When a shoulder begins to roll, our attention is drawn − by the effect of the accompanying soundscape – to the shoulder joint. The sound might shift, and the rolling shoulder becomes the rotary wing of a helicopter or maybe an insect! An ordinary yawn can develop into a tale about a sleepy, snoring giant in a land far away.

Baby Body is a dance and music performance for children aged 0–3, made by Inclusive Dance Company in co-production with Teaterhuset Avant Garden. The production follows a long line of collaborations with the Trondheim-based company. For instance, their performance Stjernestøv (2014) was aimed at the same age group, and brought the children along on an exciting space journey.




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