A Talk

Sudermann & Söderberg (DE/SE)

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9. February 2013, 15:00
10. February 2013, 19:00


190 - Ordinær
120 - Moderasjon
100 - ISFiT


Avant Garden
Teaterhuset Avant Garden


50 min



What is the melody of a love story? What rhythm is created when we doubt or correct one another? Do we dance differently when we talk about a checklist or tell each other secrets? What does a silence say: the moment between the words?

We all talk every day, about this and that. Sometimes to communicate something that seems important to us; sometimes just to indulge in the sound of our own voices.

Artist duo Sudermann & Söderberg have observed and listened to numerous conversations – their own and other people’s. What fascinates them is the melody, gesture and rhythm in the way we interact. They are increasingly convinced that when we meet to talk we actually meet to sing and dance to each other, to enter into a playful game of language composition. They zoom into music and dance and extract the failures, the many ruptures that occur when we talk. All the things that are part of language but that you won’t find in a dictionary are what «A Talk» pays attention to. Sudermann and Söderberg celebrate language with childlike pleasure, constantly oscillating between sensuousness and sense-making.

Jolika Sudermann (DE) and Alma Söderberg (SE) have been working together since summer 2008. Their collaboration started with Freedom of Speech, which they developed for the Over Het IJ Festival in Amsterdam. It continued because the same piece was invited to festivals and theatres throughout Europe. In 2010, Freedom of Speech won the audience prize at the 100° Berlin Festival at Sophiensaele, Berlin. Both makers graduated from the Amsterdam School of the Arts (AHK): Alma from the Choreography department (SNDO) and Jolika from the Mime department. Their common interest in the connection between language, music and dance is what brought them together and continues to fascinate them.

«A Talk is not hilarious or wise-cracking but it is gorgeous and hypnotizing and Sudermann & Söderberg are always one step ahead.»
Bellyflop Magazine

ISFIT, komprimert med undertekst, B&C


The show is presented in collaboration with ISFiT 2013 (International Student Festival in Trondheim).


Concept, choreography and performance: Jolika Sudermann and Alma Söderberg Artistic advice: Igor Dobričić, Martin Nachbar Lighting design: Erik Gramberg, Tilo Schwarz Production management: Stephanie Lühn Website: hetveemtheater.nl/en/maker/alma-soderberg/production/a-talk/
A Talk is Het Veem Theater production made in co-production with zeitraumexit Mannheim, FFT Düsseldorf and with kind support of Tanzfabrik Berlin.

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