Mørkerommet #3

Per Bogstad Gulliksen / Thun & Rolfsson Duo

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29. August 2018, 20:00


Free admission!


Avant Garden




Mørkerommet is Teaterhuset Avant Garden’s platform for interdisciplinary artistic meetings, experiments and works in progress.

In this seasons first edition of “Mørkerommet” we are excited to present two interesting projects. The evening will begin with a performance lecture on pataphysics, by actor Per Bogstad Gulliksen. After a short break the event continues with the project “Same Same But Different” by musician Matilda Rolfsson and dancer Emilie Thun.


20:00 The actor and pataphysics – Per Bogstad Gulliksen

Supported by: Statens kunstnerstipend and Norsk kulturråd

In this performance lecture, actor Per Bogstad Gulliksen will present and investigate in which ways pataphysic could potentially expand our understanding and practice of acting and performance.

Pataphysics can form the basis for bold thought-composition, and for a worldview filled with absurd humour. Writer Alfred Jarry (1873 – 1907) developed the concept of pataphysic, which can be considered a subjective philosophy of imaginary solutions. The fundamental ideas of pataphysics can be said to have paved way for the historical avant-garde, which again was decisive for Theatre of the Absurd and post-modern philosophy. Pataphysics seems to invite boundless uses and possibilities in the face of time and space, performativity, drama, scenography, dramaturgy and directing. It could create performativity that operates with imaginary solutions, and shape performative contracts that explores the laws that controls the exceptions, and explores the legality of isolated cases.

The performance lecture will be held in Norwegian, and will contain use of text, photo, video and music.


21:00  Same Same But Different – Thun / Rolfsson duo

"Same Same But Different" is the working title of percussionist Matilda Rolfsson and dance artist Emilie Thun’s latest collaborative project. The interdisciplinary duo has experimented with form and thematics since 2014, usually within an improvised context. At the basis of their work is the concept of “Co-Excistence” a key term, inspired by composer John Cage and choreographer/dancer Merce Cunningham’s once groundbreaking collaboration around the two art-forms music and dance. In “Same Same But Different” the duo explores the differences between written (composed or choreographed) and improvised material, which is randomly introduced in real time between the two art forms.

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