Piece for Person and Ghetto Blaster

Nicola Gunn (AU)

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23. September 2017, 21:00


220 - Ordinary
150 - Students
150 - Scenekort
150- Tobb-members


Olavshallen, Lille sal


70 min

A story about a man, a woman and a duck and the excruciating realms of human behaviour.

“A couple of years ago I got into a fight with a stranger because he was throwing stones at a sitting duck. She was protecting her eggs. The man’s children were collecting stones for him to throw. I told him what he was doing was unnecessary and could he please stop. He told me to mind my own business, or words to that effect. I was in a foreign country and we did not speak each other’s language. What ensued was an angry, abusive and physical confrontation that achieved nothing: he continued to throw stones at the duck and I walked home to write about it on Facebook.”


Piece for Person and Ghetto Blaster is a confrontational muse on peace and conflict, moral relativism and the very function of art, inspired by an incident that actually happened. A woman saw a man throwing stones at a sitting duck and she yelled at him.

What follows is a dissection of the excruciating realms of human behaviour and a navigation of the moral and ethical complexities of intervention. Littered with anecdotes and digressions, critical and philosophical theory, the text is accompanied by a rhythmic electronic soundscape and a non-stop, athletic choreography that shifts from the unnecessary and incongruous to the comic and strangely affecting. These multiple layers form a work in perpetual motion, “a moral and physical workout, witty, outright funny, deeply intelligent and, as intended, morally perplexing…” – RealTime


Piece for Person and Ghetto Blaster slips across tempos, ideas and performance modes – from theatre to dance to performance art and back again – to challenge how we see art, the world, violence, and each other.



“Comic Genius… Gunn’s text is intricate and often brilliant, full of unpredictable digressions and curious factoids. It’s the verbal equivalent of skimming stones over water.” – The Age

“Nicola Gunn’s theatre is tantalising, entertaining, ridiculous and often bewildering in the best possible way. This marvellously eccentric, charming and mischievous performer has created yet another stylish, inventive and startling work…mesmerising and unforgettable.” – Herald Sun

Awards / Nominations:

• Green Room Award for Outstanding Contemporary & Experimental Performance – 2015
• Green Room Award for Best Performer in a Contemporary & Experimental Performance – 2015
• Perth Fringe World Best Theatre Award – 2016
• Helpmann Award Nomination for Best Play – 2015


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