Bastard festival

September is festival time at Teaterhuset Avant Garden. Bastard – Trondheim international performing arts festival 2016 will be held 19–24 September. Save the dates! 


This year’s artists are: Iggy Lond Malmborg (SE), Maike Lond Malmborg (EE), Lisa Lie (NO), Arkadi Zaides (IL), Ivar Furre Aam (NO), Tea Tupajic (HR), Pieter Ampe (BE), Guilherme Garrido (PT), Kate Pendry (GB/NO), blitz theatre group (GR), Mårten Spångberg (SE), Ringhold (EE)

Bastard is part of Teaterhuset Avant Garden’s fall program. Information about the individual performances will be available on the front page under Program.

You may also follow Bastard on Facebook for updates and news.

Volunteers wanted:

We have opened the application form for positions in this year’s team of volunteer workers. Read more, and register here!


What is Bastard?

In more than one way, contemporary performing arts can be seen as the cross-bred offspring – a bastard, if you will – of the established theatrical traditions of centuries passed. It exists independently of itself, devoid of any formal requirements to its unpredictable nature. Through this it revitalizes theatre by crossing genres and bringing in new expressions.

Taking different shapes and sizes, this will be the fifteenth time Bastard is arranged as a genre-challenging meeting point for experimental performing arts. As of September 2010, Bastard has been arranged as a weeklong festival with the full title Bastard – Trondheim international performing arts festival.

Bastard was born as a festival for performance art, and despite the fact that we now have broadened the spread of genres, our vision is still the same: to expose the audience to meetings with artists who challenge us, surprise us, and catch us off guard.

The Bastard festival represents a curious attitude towards contradictions and the challenging aspects of the culture(s) we are immersed in. The festival reflects a multicultural society, but does not seek to cherish an idyllic utopia where all cultures live seamlessly side-by-side without conflict. We are more concerned with how cultures create sparks, frictions, and challenges – and what forms of expressions these take in politics, economics, society at large, and the arts.

Each fall, The Bastard Festival presents contemporary performing art projects from the Norwegian and international independent art scene.

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